I’m Mike. I’m with Twain Trailers. Our whole goal here is to keep things simple. A lot of the times that we’ve been out trying to camp, things just kept getting too complicated.

We originally started with the JK Wrangler with a rooftop tent on top of our Jeep.

Whenever we went home,
the first time, we found we could not park in the garage anymore. Whenever we went camping for the first time, we found that if we wanted to move or go to a different trailhead, or anything like that, we had to pack up our entire camp just to be able to go and visit a new spot or see something new. That’s going on, so from all of those struggles, sort of was from our pain was birthed this trailer. 

Twain Trailers. We named it Twain Trailers because we live right next to Mark Twain National Forest, and that’s sort of the inspiration. That’s where our family likes to go dispersed camping.

So the features of our trailer, are, we use basically the industry standard. At this point, the lock and roll hitch that gives you basically the freedom to go into any environment without worrying about losing your trailer.

Because of the hitch, we use quarter inch thick steel and the entire trailer. All the wiring is embedded inside of the frame so that it can’t be stripped off no matter where you are in the woods.

We put a jack on each corner because I’ve always found that the best camping spots are not level, and a rooftop tent is not fun to sleep in if it’s not level.

Nothing on our trailer is just for like prettiness sake. These are solid steel that’s not pipe. The whole point of that, is that when you’re in the woods and if you rub up against a tree, the whole trailer will shift over protecting your fender and you won’t have to worry about your fender being pressed into your tire and getting a flat in the middle of the woods. That goes forward and reverse. 

We’ve got protection, going forward or backwards. The fenders are 16 gauge steel on this trailer on all of our new construction. New orders this year, it’s going to be 1/16 of an inch thick steel that allows anyone of any size to be able to stand on the fenders to access the tent in a way that is not normal with most rooftop tents. Over here, on this one, every one of these clam shells has an additional doorway. On this side, that nobody ever uses, because there’s no ladder. With our tent and trailer setup, this is now easily accessible and actually more convenient to get in and out of than using the ladder. You can get out barefoot, without your feet feeling like they’re snapping in two.

So it’s super cool everywhere around the trailer. You can walk, you have ripping points. 

We use two inch thick tubing on the entire trailer so that in conjunction with that, we have found a company called Four Trucks out of California, that makes these amazingly tough mounts. That makes everything that we put on our trailer rock solid. We left a lot of space inside of the trailer mainly for the purpose to give you guys the freedom to choose to use this trailer how you want to. If you want to put j-hooks on it and mount your kayaks on the outside, put your j-hooks and mount the kayaks on the inside. Put j-hooks inside and outside, carrying four kayaks that’s up to you.

My family and I use a canoe. We put dry box storages here and then just lay the canoe underneath. We never have to go high to move the canoe on or off the trailer. It’s all easily at this level, accessible and nobody ever has to struggle.

My wife is 5’1, so there can be a height differential challenge whenever we’re moving stuff from high places. 

The lights are led and fully submersible. The whole point is that they’re also cheap. I break things so I tried to think of a way to make these as bright, effective, useful, but also replaceable as possible.  Basically, if you back into a tree and shatter this, it’s ten dollars for a replacement part. You drill out the pop rivets, pull it out, re-splice in the new wires, replace the light, and you’ve got you’re up and running again, ready to go down the road, street legal, without having to go to a dealership to get stuff fixed.

The main selling point of our trailer, is sort of shown by this component being set off to the side. Two people, you pull these four farm pins, can lift the entire upper assembly off of the trailer, with the roof tent still a rooftop tent still attached to it, allowing you to have a utility trailer to haul mulch, soil, rock, appliances for friends, our grandma’s lawnmower for across town. The other, 51 weeks a year that you’re not camping. 

This was just born out of our pain to try to solve a problem and to make camping easier and we hope you like it. If you’d like to find out more information, you can go to our website, it’s twaintrailers.com. 

You can follow us on Instagram or on Youtube. Other than that, I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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