Mark I Off-Road Overlanding Trailer (Used)


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$3,750 (this is a an extra $245 savings off our used trailer price of $3,995)

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Get an amazing deal from our closeout used off-road trailer inventory. Our overlanding trailers are tough, durable, and fully customizable.

The Mark I is crafted from ¼ inch thick square and round tubing. It takes a massive machine to bend the tube, so there aren’t many trails that will make it nervous. We have contained 100% of the wiring inside the frame, so you never have to worry about stripping the wires off accidentally on an obstacle. The taillights are fully submersible and tough, but also extremely easy to replace if a tree just so happens to jump out behind you when you are backing into that perfect camping spot. Our entire concept for the trailer was to keep it tough, keep it simple, and leave room for people to do what they need to with it. We believe we have achieved that and hope you do as well!

The Mark I is our family camper. We named it “The Hiker” because it will take care of all of your needs as a hiking family.  This allows us to maintain an extremely narrow profile so the Hiker can follow you down any trail. The dry weight of the trailer is 600lbs. This gives you 1400lbs of gear capacity for hauling!

  • Can be pulled by practically anything with a tow hitch
  • Extremely versatile and durable
  • Designed to easily add a roof top tent
  • Go off-road where regular trailers and campers cannot
  • Fully primed and powder coated
  • 1400 lb cargo capacity
  • 2000lb axle
  • Length: 13 feet (from hitch to tail)
  • Distance between fenders: 49.5 inches
  • Deck width: 45.5 inches
  • Deck length 92 inches
  • Distance between deck and upper hoop: 38 inches
  • Distance between hoop verticals: 41.25 inches
  • Axle clearance: 13 inches from ground (on 29 inch tires)
  • The dry or empty weight is 600 pounds
  • It has a 2200 pound axle, tested to 1 ton (2000 pounds) load safely moved. It is recommended not to exceed 1600 pounds for routine use. It can be upgraded to a 3500 pound axle if intended use requires it.
  • It has a flat loading deck that is 44” wide. The loading deck is 80” long.

Every trailer is handmade in the USA.

Price of $3,750 is the final sale price for this used trailer only.  There is only ONE (1) trailer available at this price.  This includes the $245 Black Friday/Cyber Monday savings.


Normal Tongue, Short Tongue

Vehicle Side Hitch

2.5 Inch Drop / Lift, No Drop