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Our Story

Born of the need to take our family deep into the woods, on a budget, and keep them as safe as possible comes the Mark I. Our line of Twain off-road trailers is based on these three foundational principles: Durable, Customizable, Affordable.

Twain Trailers
Our Story - Twain Trailer


We construct our trailers out of ¼ inch thick steel tubing. Once fully assembled every trailer is sand blasted, treated with epoxy powder primer, and high-quality powder coat to protect it from the elements. This is because we know you will drag and bounce your trailer through the most unforgiving conditions, and we want you to still make it to the campsite to have a great time!


Every trailer is designed to make it simple to bolt on currently available off-road accessories, as well as special and unique offerings from Twain Trailers. The customization options are limited only to your imagination.


We believe the most affordable products are those that you purchase once, and last a lifetime. One key component to this concept is to enable your trailer to evolve with your needs over the lifetime of ownership. This trailer, with proper storage and care, will last your lifetime, and you will be able to freely adapt it to your needs.

Keep it Simple

Our trailers are proudly fabricated, assembled, and finished in Ozark, Missouri.

Veteran owned and operated.

Mark I Trailer

Starting at just $5,990

Lowest cost fully welded off-road trailer in America. 1400 lb cargo capacity. Fully primed and powder coated. Custom colors and wheels \ tires available.