Twain Trailers Mark II Off Road Overlanding Roof Top Tent Trailer

Introducing the Twain Trailers Mark II Off-Road Overlanding Roof Top Tent Trailer

This is Mike with Twain Trailers again. I just want to introduce our 2023 Mark II Twain trailer. 

They’re like, I need a way to take my motorcycle and four wheeler into the woods. Our solution to that is now the Mark II. The major changes that we’ve had between the Mark 1 and the Mark II is we’ve given you a wider deck, we’ve given you a greater supported deck for heavier items such as four wheelers and dirt bikes, and we’ve done a little bit more permanent welding on the trailer to give you a permanent mounting point for those larger, heavier, more expensive pieces of equipment that you want to keep safe whenever you’re headed out to the woods.

We still use the lock and roll hitch on the front end here. This gives you the 180 degrees of swing, also gives you 360 degrees of twist, and about 45 degrees of up and down travel. So you’re not going to lose the trailer in the woods because of the hitch. From nose to tail, we are 13 feet long.

We are still the same width as what your Jeep, Wrangler, Gladiator, Toyota 4Runner, the width of your vehicle, that’s the width of the trailer. So whenever you’re traveling through the woods, you’re not wider than your vehicle. You’re towing directly behind. That gives you a deck that is a rectangular deck of 49 and a half inches wide by eight feet long.

But we also do have an additional two feet on the nose here past this lead bar. that gives you a little bit of extra storage space that is continuous with the rest of the deck. Now, compared to the Mark 1, our Mark 1 deck was a little bit narrower, but with the Mark 2, you can actually lay full sheets of plywood or sheetrock that are 4×8 sheets or longer if you want to go off the nose or the end, on the trailer and stack it just cleanly without any issues. It lays completely flat.

One point that is new and different with the trailer this year Is that this lead bar is permanently welded in place and it’s set specifically at a height where you can nestle your dirt bike in and ratchet your dirt bike front suspension down so that you can just Quick latch and go with your dirt bike or street bike.

Some people might be saying right now “this isn’t high enough to get my street bike up on there”.  The hoops while on this trailer are permanently welded in place.

What we offer is three different heights: 38″, 48″, and 60″.   

The Mark II allows you to choose from 3 Different Hoop Heights. The 3 hoop heights are the distance between the trailer deck & the upper hoop.  Items this height or lower can fit under the tent. This makes our trailer one of the only trailers that can carry a motorcycle with a roof top tent mounted, as well as many other combinations. 

Low (38″)

It fits in a 7 foot garage door with a 14 inch roof top tent mounted on top.

Medium (48″)

The 48″ hoop size is suited for smaller motorcycles, dirt bikes, & ATVs. It fits in an 8 foot garage door with a 14 inch roof top tent mounted on top.

High (60″)

The 60″ hoop size is designed to accommodate medium sized motorcycles, dirtbikes, and ATVs. It fits inside a 10 foot garage door with a 14 inch roof top tent mounted on top.

The 38 inch height is going to be for anybody who still wants to use this trailer but store it in a garage that has a 7 foot tall garage door opening.

Now that will only give you 38 inches of space between the deck and the bottom of the cross rails.

This particular trailer [IN THIS VIDEO] is constructed with 48 inches of height between the deck and the cross rails. We did this height as a trailer to haul dirt bikes, along with a roof top tent.

Then we offer a third variant, which is 60 inches tall.

That should allow almost all dirt bikes and the majority of street bikes that you might want to haul on this trailer.

Additionally, we are using our custom fenders on this trailer. This is sixteenth of an inch thick steel that we have custom bent into this shape. And it is fully load bearing. 

Step up on here and it won’t go anywhere. Gives you free access to the tent off the fenders. So if you come around over here and take a look at this with me. We now have 2×2 steel running from the nose to the tail directly through the entire trailer. This substantially strengthens the deck of the trailer.

 There’s lots of cross bait bracing on this deck. So it’s ready to go for you. If you’re wanting to haul golf carts, go karts, four wheelers, dirt bikes,  anything that you can fit underneath these hoops. Now, like I said before, this particular trailer has 48 inches. So full four feet of height between the deck.

And the bottom of the cross rails, this trailer configuration will fit inside of any garage that is eight feet tall. And our final configuration is going to be somebody who has a garage door that is 10 feet tall or higher.

Once you have 60 inches of height, you’re going to need that much more height with your tent above it.  You just need to have a much higher garage door to fit the trailer in. Another change is all of our cross rails go perpendicular to the length of the trailer. This is to match the kind of factory standard that has become the way that tents mount in almost all modern production. Our tent is mounted in parallel, but almost every modern construction has it perpendicular to these cross mounts. So we created these cross rails to run across the trailer so that any tent that’s manufactured now will easily marry to this trailer.

The front lead pipe is welded in place. That’s permanent construction. This tail cross rail is fully adjustable to whatever distance you want for the size of trailer that you have. If you have a one man or a two man tent, this cross rail can be set much further forward on the trailer, giving you that much more headspace as you load the rear of the trailer.

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