Hey guys! Mike with Twain Trailers. We’re here again, doing another thing with our trailer, that’s not camping utility. Picking up a golf cart here in Ozark, Missouri.  Then we are going to take it back to the farm. I don’t know how many other off-road trailers can do this, but I know, mine can. Swe’ll let you know when we get it loaded. 

I get a lot of questions, as to whether or not the trailer’s deck is strong enough to support a four wheeler. Well, as you can see it can easily hold a golf cart. So all right, so we’re also looking at how we’re tying this golf cart into the trailer and all these different ratchet points that we have. I mean, I always knew they come in handy, but right now, they’re perfect. Like I have one exactly where I need wherever I’m working, just to make sure that I’ve got this golf cart secured. 

We’re locked and loaded, I’m going to take this home so we can have some fun on the 4th of July with it. Good enough. 

So we’ve safely transported the golf cart to the farm. Now you all get to watch to see whether or not I break it, trying to get off the trailer because I’m not very good at backing up golf carts. And this thing is weird, so cross our fingers, see how this goes. Check that side, okay yeah! We made it.

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