Overland Off-Road Trailer GREATEST Benefit

The greatest benefit from this overland off-road trailer is that this is a fully enclosed package. The only thing that we normally have to throw on here is firewood and our cooler. When we get to our campsite, we can pull up.  Even if we don’t want to unpack and set up the tent right away, then we just want to go hiking or go get in the river.  Wherever it is that we’re going, we can immediately disconnect our trailer and just drive and go. 

Do what we want to do and that’s the number one thing that I was trying to give my family with moving into rooftop tent camping is the freedom to still move the same way we did even whenever we were ground camping ground camping gives you the ability to be very lightweight light footprint this trailer gives you that same light footprint because you’re not fighting all the additional baggage that comes with rooftop tent camping being bolted onto your vehicle your vehicle is just your normally normal daily driver. Once you get to your campsite your off-road camping gear is all disconnected and you’re back to just driving to your hiking spot or wherever it is that you’re going to. Have fun with your family.  

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